Are you ready to ignite a Change?

We are Flint Change, and we help businesses ignite cultural and organisational change. By bringing your team onto the same page, to feel heard and supported, we bring the real world into the boardroom. Why? To get the best out of every individual, so they feel the change and make a difference to your business.

Establishing change in a business can spark challenges.

Which is why we will help you create and embed change wherever it needs to happen; from developing values and culture change to improved performance and customer experience. So, how do we do it?

Our unique process

Using our unique 4 Es approach, we learn from your people as the voice of your brand, getting real results that can help to transform your business.


We learn from your people as the voice of your brand. By getting stuck in, listening and learning, we seek out the strengths to develop, helping businesses create the change they want to see.


We find exciting ways to engage people, working with you to get more out of them; more understanding, more engagement, so they feel the change and make a difference.


In order for teams to ‘get it’ and be positive about change, we establish methods that bring them along for the journey. We won’t just set things up and disappear, we implement and see the change happen alongside you.


Taking action in relation to culture is what can make a difference. We get real results from an engaged, empowered experience that creates cultural and performance change at all levels.

Now, wouldn’t that be incredible?

Great Clients. Great Projects

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