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We offer a range of unique services from an audit and handbook to more bespoke consultancy options, which are tailored to what each business needs for when one size just doesn’t fit all.

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Ignite Change:

The Audit

Our Ignite Change Audit helps organisations of all types to identify where their existing culture might currently be challenging by identifying the gaps between where you are and the change you want to see.

If you are looking to improve productivity, creativity, retention and the bottom line this could be the start you need.

  • What changes are happening in your business? Are you looking for support leading your team through change? It could be that you need to see a change in the way ‘things are done around here’?

    Using our vast experience of understanding the challenges you face and the impact they are having, we’ve created this formula which is perfect for all businesses; big or small, wherever you are.

    The Ignite Change Audit is always flexible and bespoke, but with a tried-and-tested unique approach that we’ve seen get real results to transform your business.

    Our Flint Ignite Change Culture Audit follows a 4 step approach:

    • Desk research – We look at your strategy, vision, mission, values and any staff handbooks, employee opinion surveys, NPS or c-sat surveys and any previous culture programmes.
    • The Audit – We then conduct a listening exercise – a series of sessions with your leaders and your people based on our culture model. Using our audit tool we explore how you are performing in terms of each cultural characteristic.
    • Pulling together the report & recommendations – We then bring all of our findings into a report with a set of recommendations for implementation.
    • A playback session – We present the report and findings to your senior leadership team to bring the voice of the people into the boardroom and gain buy-in to the next stage.

Ignite Change:

The Take Action Handbook

Our Take Action Handbook outlines our 5 step self-managing framework, supporting you to engage teams in what they can do differently.

By taking those steps, business leaders can translate their strategies and transform their culture to create sustainable change.

  • We see many clients trying to make strategic change, but it’s slow to happen or their teams aren’t getting it. Sound familiar?

    Our Take Action Handbook will allow your people to create cohesive, aligned plans and ensure that the change your business needs can be delivered.

    So, how would it feel to take action in relation to the culture in your organisation?

    • The Take Action framework supports you to engage teams in what they can do differently.
    • There are session plans, prep work and simple ways to get teams motivated and make changes.
    • Flint Change will facilitate workshops with your leadership team and key people to help you design the best cohesive plans, and create an engagement programme that really works for your people.
    • We’ve tried and tested it! We can talk to you more about the positive results you could see with the handbook.

    We’d love to tell you more about the impact these Ignite Change Services can make. Contact us for more information.

Keep it Alight:

Next-Level Change

For the next level of support, we explore in greater detail how to support your business through organisational change.

Our custom tools translate strategies into inspirational frameworks that lead your people to success. These sustainable practices impact performance and productivity, driving your teams to keep change alight.

  • Our culture model supports us to be clear on what steps to take to take your culture from ‘fighting fires’ to ‘burning bright’.

    We help you consider a holistic approach to creating a healthy culture, including reviewing your ways of working and understanding if they are an obstacle to achieving what you need to. We look at the way your measures and goals are aligned across the business and also your communications with the teams.

Be the Spark:

Bespoke Consultancy

Our bespoke consultancy has been designed to support your change transformation with a uniquely customised approach.

To sustain a high performing culture, leaders need to create the right conditions for their people to thrive. With our bespoke tailored approach, this is where our team of expert business consultants can help.

  • When you give teams clarity on what they need to achieve, engage them, create agile performance management systems, then they can be high performing – let’s make that change happen for you.

    We have supported so many clients, in so many ways and would be happy to share case studies that bring this to life for you.

    If you’ve read about our Services but are not sure which is for you, please get in touch by email or book in for a discovery call to talk to one of the Flint team.

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