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Enhancing the customer experience for a large credit card provider

Enhancing the customer experience for a large credit card provider 1920 1280 Flint Change

Before joining Flint Change, Marianne was Head of Customer Experience within the UK Cards Issuing Team at leading credit card provider.

One of the customer experience programmes that Marianne owned and managed was measuring customer experience and the TNPS programme.

The story

This Financial Services Provider aims to be the most recommended brand to help buyers buy and sellers sell, in the way they want. With a track record of firsts from the first credit card to the first wearable device the organisation has continued to evolve.


Across the business, a new measure was introduced to compliment customer satisfaction. This was Net Promoter Score or NPS. At a business level, this was known as Relationship NPS but within the customer services team there was a desire to be able to measure NPS after a call between a customer and one of the front-line customer service colleagues. The term Transactional NPS or TNPS was coined.

A process was implemented in the Customer Services Team where an SMS was sent to a customer after a call. The results were updated within 30 minutes of the survey response and uploaded into the CRM system.

As well as asking the customer to rate the call on the NPS scale, we also asked them the reason for the score that they gave. This provided a really rich source of data and customer insight which was at the heart of the programme.

Several initiatives were implemented to improve the NPS score, some were ongoing activities, and some were one-off improvements.

  1. Passion to tackle detractor reasons – all detractor score calls were monitored by a bespoke team who categorised the reason for the detractor score into what was terms the 4Ps and the reason for the call. [4ps – Product, Process, Policy or Person]
  2. Cross-functional call listening – call listening sessions were run with the 4P owners to highlight the issues and drive through improvements. This involved the commercial P&L owners, the tech teams and the customer services teams and training teams.
  3. We hire great people – we over-hauled the recruitment process, enhancing the service and empathy and voice skills training and ongoing support.
  4. Supporting and challenging partners – work to set targets but also a collaborative approach in terms of training and coaching
  5. Service specialists – the call routing was amended so that more experienced colleagues received the more complex call types.
  6. Lean Customer Experience – part of the whole change implement process involved an end-to-end lean review of the whole contact centre. Colleagues were encouraged to submit process and policy improvements. No idea was a bad idea.
  7. Real-time colleague TNPS feedback – this is the shared of the customer scores within CRM system within 30 mins of the score being received.
  8. Enhanced colleague induction training – the new colleague training programme was reduced from 12-week classroom training to 8 weeks during which colleagues learned a new process and then went into the live environment to test their new skill before returning to the learning environment.
  9. In life supportive colleague interventions – we set-up an NPS academy where those colleagues who were in the lower quartile from an NPS score were grouped together and received a 6-week coaching programme, which focused on the key issues (skills and knowledge gaps that were identified from the detractor call listening)
  10. Enhanced voice support – we set-up a team of voice coaches for each specific skillset. Skillset in this instance means call types, so these coaches were process experts as well as soft skill coaches.
  11. Positive no and learning zone – this is a training technique to help colleagues respond to the top detractor reasons. We created a knowledge base for colleagues o refer to tips and tricks and well as being able to request support with additional areas
  12. Empathy, active listening & magic moments – specific skills identified as gaps with bespoke modules developed. The Magic Moment Programme was another customer experience programme and that helped colleagues identify those customers in need of a lift/ extra support/ recognition and a by-product of this is that it equipped colleagues with improved listening skills.


  • In 2 years, the score the TNPS score increased by 40 points from +20 to +60!
  • The approach and learnings from the programme were shared across the other business areas with the credit card business as well with the debit card side.
  • The programme and elements of the programme won awards – both internally and externally.

This is an example of the type of work that the Flint team can deliver as part of our Be the Spark – Bespoke Consultancy offering.  We have worked with a few clients on bespoke consultancy programmes. Get in touch if we can help you with a piece of bespoke consultancy.