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Enhancing the customer experience through proactive alerts

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Before joining Flint Change, Marianne was Head of Customer Experience within the UK Cards Issuing Team at leading credit card provider.

One of the customer experience initiatives Marianne owned and delivered was setting up of proactive alerts for customers impacted by acts of God and who needed financial assistance or reassurance. Not normally something you would associate with a Credit Card provider!

The story

This Financial Services Provider aims to be the most recommended brand to help buyers buy and sellers sell, in the way they want. With a track record of firsts from the first credit card to the first wearable device the organisation has continued to evolve.


A team was mobilised across the business to act quickly to reach out to the impacted customers to let them know how the organisation could help and to provide reassurance about paying their bill or incurring late charges

Colleagues across customer services, marketing, legal and systems were brought together so that an approach could be agreed and implemented.

  • Speed of contact – from the point of notification about customer-impacting issue, a team was mobilised, copywriters and 3rd party suppliers were engaged and customers living or transacting in the impacted areas were identified
  • Copy was approved
  • SMS messages and emails were deployed complemented by content being posted on Twitter, Facebook and a message being shared on the website.
  • Flags were added to the accounts of the customers living in the impacted areas and those who had been travelling/ visiting the area (these customers were identified via recent transactions)

The business received some fantastic customer and press feedback on this initiative.

Ways to help stranded customers included:

  • Access to Emergency Cash
  • Temporary increases to credit limits
  • Late Payment and cash transaction fees waived


A templated approach was put in place that could be used for future incidents where customers needed to be contacted and reassured.

  • The speed to contact customers reduced from 11 hours down to just 2 hours!
  • Social Media posts were live within a matter of minutes.
  • After the initial incident, templates were created and were pre-approved by the legal and regulatory compliance teams, which removed the requirement to get copy approved for each new incident.
  • All that was required was to identify the impacted customers (this naturally took longer when the scale of the incident was larger, and millions of customers were impacted).

There is now a proactive team in place who manage this sort of activity and winder communications across the credit and debit customers.

This is an example of the type of work that the Flint team could deliver as part of our Keep it Alight – Next Level Change offering.  We have worked with a few clients on bespoke change programmes. Get in touch if we can help you with a piece of bespoke change.