Understanding and changing organisational culture

Executive summary:

Our client in the health and fitness industry wanted to ensure they had the optimum environment to support future growth and success. Flint Change conducted a Culture Audit to understand the areas of current strength, and to identify areas where improvement and action was needed.

The audit findings provided a prioritised set of practical, achievable actions that our client could implement to see a direct improvement in organisational culture.

The background story:

IFC Wellness are a health and fitness company established for over 15 years in Singapore.

After a challenging 12 months dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and other economic challenges, they came to us for culture management support.

What did they need?

Our client needed to create the optimum environment for their people to ensure future growth and success. We supported them by undertaking a review of the current organisational culture – our Ignite Change Audit.

The approach

To understand the current culture within IFC Wellness, and to make recommendations for practical steps to create change, Flint Change undertook an Ignite Change Audit which involved:

  • Initial desk research was undertaken to gather and understand evidence for what elements impacting culture were already be in place
  • Listening Interviews then took place with the business founder, the team manager, team members, and a long-term client.
  • Interviews were structured around the Flint Change culture model, establishing the current areas of cultural strength, as well as those areas where there was opportunity for improvement and change.

What was the solution?

  1. The key themes, findings and results were played back to IFC Wellness ahead of a more detailed, clearly structured report being provided.
  2. We also set up a ‘Red Amber Green’ status to provide guidance on where to place priority focus.
  3. The recommendations were practical and achievable, with no need for ongoing consultancy support.
  4. Finally, an ‘accountability’ review was put in place for three months’ time, to give focus and momentum on tackling the priority recommendations, to look at how much had been achieved, and provide any further support.

What did our client think?

Aaron Rolley, founder and owner of IFC Wellness said:

“Flint Change have given us an insight into our organisation’s culture and were able to identify and playback our strengths,. as well as how we can improve and take the business forward. The audit report highlights some things that should have been obvious to us, but we just weren’t focusing on, so thank you.

The observations were honest and the recommendations were both practical and achievable. We really liked the RAG status the team used, giving us some specific areas to focus on immediately that will make a big difference to the business. We can see a path towards achieving a strong, positive culture and business.

The team has booked a follow-up session (or as they like to call it, an accountability session) with us in three-month’s time, this will make sure that we work through the recommendations. Thank you Flint Change, you’ve hit the nail on the head!.”

Understanding & Changing Organisational Culture | Flint Change

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